Improving Your Performance

Stall Mat Rentals are for the Elite who want to improve their horses’ chance of performing well. We’ve watched the trend: Mats=Winners!

It’s All About Your Horse

With over 20 years show experience and matting thousands of stalls, the team at Elite Stall Mat Rentals is here to provide for your horse the comforts of home.

About Our Services: We use the highest quality 7/8” interlocking rubber stall mats to protect your equine athlete. Our strict sanitization regimen (Santi-T-10 disinfectant preceded by a power wash with SynBioNt Ag Wash) protects your horse from illness. We also offer our Pro★ service where we disinfect every wall of your stall and spread your shavings before your arrival, so all you have to do is unload your horse.

No need to haul stall mats…
call Elite Stall Mat Rentals at 855-MATS-200

We wanted our horses to have the best when competing and so should you. The difference in our horses was noticeable and you will notice too! Rest is required for peak performance for any athlete. Allow your horse a cushioned environment to rest so they can perform at their best! If you want your horse to be at their best, ELITE STALL MAT RENTALS is here for you!

855-MATS-200 (855-628-7200) or 530-477-2556
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855-MATS-200 (855-628-7200) or 530-477-2556
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