Elite stall mats are thoroughly power washed with SynBioNt Ag Wash and hot water after each use then treated with Sani-T-10 for maximum disinfection. Bitter YUCK! can be applied as needed.
Sani-T-10 is a Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant registered with the EPA as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide specifically addressing the Herpes Simplex virus. Veterinarian approved as a disinfectant for stalling and mats.
SynBioNt Ag Wash is based on a powerful synergistic combination of surfactants that have superior cleaning properties. SynBioNt Ag Wash has been laboratory tested and shown to be an effective way to help wash away deadly bacteria, fungus and viruses.
Bitter YUCK! is a chewing deterrent. This agent will reduce your horses desire to chew on the stalls mats, which can lead to damaged mat charges. It is a clear, non-sticky, and easy to apply spray will stop animals from chewing and gnawing on any number of problem areas. Bitter YUCK! is WATER BASED, unlike other alcohol based products that can cause stinging or allergies.
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