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Pro★ service
Relax with Pro service

Pro★ service makes your show arrival hassle free!

Your stall will be completely disinfected, bedded and ready for your horse BEFORE your arrival.

Pro★ service includes:

  • You can specify the number of bags of shavings to be spread per stall (3 bags of your shavings unless otherwise specified)
    Bedding should be ordered as usual through Hay and Feed as per your Event instructions.
    Shavings are not included

Pro★ service with pellet spreading includes:

  • The Pro★ service described above AND: 5 to 6 bags of pellets will be spread and moistened to activate expansion.
    Pellets are not included

Please note that with either Pro★ service, you must provide the shavings and/or pellets.

Our mats are a high quality EVA agricultural grade that are specifically rated and sealed from moisture (urine), which limits cross contamination.

Our mats are power washed and disinfected with Santi-T-10, which has veterinarian approval, before placement in the stalls.

Pro★ service adds the “Elite” finish to “Improve your Performance”!